Living in Nature


The Santa Lucia Preserve Design Approach

Our flexible Design Guidelines allow you and your consultants to create a vast range of architectural interpretations. The picturesque rural land makes The Preserve unique among private communities. Therefore, the main goal of the Design Guidelines is to keep the architecture subordinate to the land in order to enhance the experience of living in nature. The Design Guidelines encourage creativity so long as the architecture is sensitive to landforms, landscape zones, climate, and regional building traditions. Traditional home designs reflect the Spanish, Monterey and Ranch style roots of the Monterey Peninsula. Contemporary homes embody the spirit of indigenous and rural architecture but with modern and sustainable materials and construction methods. The goals of all design paradigms should focus on capitalizing on views, privacy, and climate, and increase the flow of indoor and outdoor spaces. Each owner is encouraged to have the architecture fitted to and inspired by the site, fully utilizing its potential, and resulting in a home of enduring value and livability for the owners and thereby enhancing the community as a whole.  

About Our Design Construction Services Team

The Design and Construction Services (DCS) department role is to assist Owners and their consultants throughout the design review and construction process. This department is a valuable and experienced resource for Owner’s to ensure that all design and construction professionals understand the Design Guidelines, environmental considerations, and the review and approval process for all improvements on a Lot. DCS is committed to making the process as smooth and effective as possible so that Owner’s may design a unique home that reflects their individual style while staying true to the environmental and community values of The Preserve. Please contact us with any questions. 

About Our Architectural Design Review Board

The Design Review Board (DRB) will collaborate with you and your consultants to create a modern architectural plan that you can turn into your dream home. The DRB helps to ensure that your home’s design successfully interprets the spirit of our Design Guidelines while reflecting your personal style. The DRB consists of three voting members, two members appointed by the Santa Lucia Preserve Association, and one member appointed by the Santa Lucia Conservancy. Together, the group has extensive architectural and land planning experience and an understanding of the flora and fauna on The Preserve which helps ensure that development will be consistent with the mission of the Conservancy. Through an open, partnered approach the DRB supports architectural and landscape designs that celebrate the ongoing history of this region and connect your home to this precious land.