Santa Lucia Preserve

Mobile About the Preserve


The Preserve was founded with a conservation ethic that each member commits to uphold. While immersing themselves in the unique experience that this land provides, members abide by covenants that ensure it remains a vibrant, wild home for all the creatures that live here. We are dedicated to preserving and protecting this quintessential 18th century California Rancho located in the Santa Lucia Mountains just east of Carmel, California. The Preserve is about the land and about living on the land. Of our 20,000 acres, the most sensitive resources on 18,000 acres were set aside to be protected in perpetuity by the Santa Lucia Conservancy. The remaining 2,000 acres have been used for development of just 300 home sites. Homes and shared spaces mirror these values and our abiding respect for the land we treasure and wish to protect. One of the many things that make The Preserve unique is that our architecture is subordinate to the land. As parcels are sold and built out, awareness of a site’s particular natural characteristics takes precedence.


Our members make the most of what the land has to offer by creating a relaxed and inviting community. The Preserve’s Ranch Club and Golf Club bring members together in ways that reflect the welcoming values of the California Ranchero tradition. Each club’s amenities and vibrant social calendars create the opportunity for members to connect with one another, celebrate the seasons, stay fit, enjoy the outdoors, play golf and have fun. The families within the community embrace The Preserve’s mission, vision and values as a guidepost for future generations. Our owner-governed community of members and residents is closely associated with the Santa Lucia Conservancy and includes the staff which supports operations and infrastructure. Together we are committed to gently settle, enjoy and sustain the land while protecting, maintaining – and whenever possible – enhancing its natural resources and wildlife.


Our culture represents a tradition of informal hospitality through inclusiveness, friendliness, a sense of fun and dedication to sharing The Preserve with family and friends. Club and community events celebrate our unique surroundings, our rich history and vibrant future. The Preserve offers the best of both worlds – the opportunity to escape while still being conveniently located near the popular destinations of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Monterey and Big Sur. Our laid-back, private community of 300 homes set on 20,000 acres of protected Carmel, California landscape gives you the space to leave the rest of the world behind and reconnect with nature, your loved-ones – and yourself.