Beautiful California Land for Sale

90% of The Preserve
is left permanently undeveloped.

The Santa Lucia Preserve includes all 20,000 acres of Rancho San Carlos, which dates from 1857. The "Preserve Lands" (18,000 acres) are the portion left permanently undeveloped. The Santa Lucia Conservancy, an endowed, independent, non-profit land trust, owns the Wildlands. The Preserve's residents privately own the Openlands, subject to the Conservancy's protective easements. All of the Preserve Lands are managed by Santa Lucia Conservancy to protect wildlife habitats in perpetuity and to provide for scientific research, education and recreational activities.


Settled Lands

Just one-tenth of The Preserve will be developed. Believe it.

That’s right. We offer pristine plots of land for sale with planning permission. Only 2,000 of the Preserve's 20,000 acres are designated as Settled Lands, privately owned and used for limited, controlled development. The Settled Lands include 300 Homelands and various Rancholands. Homelands are carefully selected sites for residences. These Homelands were chosen based on a combination of environmental and aesthetic values. They are positioned in The Preserve's least environmentally sensitive areas and are separated from one another, in most cases, by several hundred yards. Rancholands contain The Preserve’s utilities, roads and community-serving facilities, such as the Corporation Yard; plus recreation amenities including the Golf Course, Hacienda, Polo Pools, Equestrian Center and the Sports Center.


Plot of Land 2


The Preserve Homelands are carefully considered, intentionally selected parcels.

Our Homeland locations make the dominant natural setting their centerpiece and fit buildings into the existing landscape. They are clearly defined building parcels that

  • optimize views while protecting view corridors from other properties
  • protect and utilize distinctive natural features,
  • avoid steep slopes and highly prominent sites and skylines
  • minimize grading and removal of vegetation
  • respond appropriately to the varied microclimates within The Preserve
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